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Ann during her virtual book launch via Zoom.

Excerpts from attendees of Ann’s virtual book launch:

Ann Humphries’ debut collection of poems, An Eclipse and a Butcher, is anchored by poems about the solar eclipse, which serve as the perfect metaphor for the blindness experienced by the poet. But Humphries tells us that “blindness provides insight.” … Humphries is a survivor, and we are so lucky she has chosen to share her words and her wisdom.

Marjory Wentworth, former South Carolina Poet Laureate

Ann, it is wonderful to see you being celebrated for your wonderful gift to us all. I loved your courage and insight as you put personal words to both small and monumental events, many of which are common to us all.

Lenore P.

Ann, you are a beacon of light, and I don’t think anyone here would disagree!

Christina X.

You are a reporter … always looking for a story…and encouraging each of us to tell a story in a well wrapped treasured collection of words…that’s what your poems do for me!

Cynthia C.

Congratulations, Ann, and this has been a wonderful event! The fantastic attendance is testament to your reach into your community!

Kathy B.
Ann at a poetry recitation. She's standing at the mic and there's an accompanying guitarist seated to her right.
Guitar Accompaniment: Lance Roper,

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