Ballad of Brego the Brave

Ann and Brego are on the sand at a South Carolina beach. Ann is holding Brego's harness on her left side. It's sunset and there's a big fishing pier in the background. It's chilly and Ann is wearing a jacket with the hood up.
Design composition by Sparkle Clark, Marian Davis, and Kathryn Newsom.

Brego the Brave won Honorable Mention in South Carolina Poetry Society.

With shoulders grown strained, and stride slowed,
a white cane, white-knuckled, I grasped
and prayed for a path to follow
leading back to life at its best.
“There has to be more,” I confessed.
Freedom, a guide dog portrayed.
My future unfurled to encompass the promise of Brego the Brave.

My voice quivered a tremolo.
eyes clenched, fear clutching my breast,
I eased my proffered elbow,
trusting by holding his harness.
We faced each challenge and contest,
unfazed by siren serenade.
My happiness soared in the process
from the sureness of Brego the Brave.

No more captive to sorrow.
Confidence marks our success.
heads high, we walk our brisk tempo.
By my feet, he regally rests.
Smiling strangers often express,
“My goodness! Your dog’s well-behaved,”
but I know he pilfers the trash.
Silly dog, that Brego the Brave.

Brimming with bright independence,
we welcome new escapades.
loved ones are amazed to witness
my healing through the Brego the Brave.