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The Gervais Street Bridge in Columbia, South Carolina at sunset. Viewed from the river bank below and looking up at the bridges arches. The bridge lights are on and the sky is a light lavender at sunset.
Design composition by Sparkle Clark, Marian Davis, and Kathryn Newsom.

There are miracles in Columbia.

Beneath the Gervais Street Bridge a pearl moon
tilts its pitcher to pour a Milky Way
of stars to sequin the Congaree,
glisten the granite and riverbank,
glint the eyes of God’s urban creatures,
bind with the catch-light of earthly dreams.

Then strung as beads a constellation
commissioned for the heavens by the North Star
to lay on the pale throat of what might be.

Page 22, An Eclipse and a Butcher. First published in Jasper Magazine.